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Oven Clean – Matfield, Kent

Oven Clean – Matfield, Kent

Repeat clean today

Matfield, West Kent, South East Sussex

We don’t just clean Ovens:

We Professionally Clean Aga’s, 

We Professionally Clean Ranges 

We Professionally Clean all types off BBQ’S

Matfield has the largest village green in Kent. The name is derived from the Anglo Saxon feld meaning large clearing and from the farm run by Matta hence Mattafeld. More of the history can be seen on Kent Village Net.


Matfield grew up later, around its Village Green (the largest in Kent) and pond. Many of the houses surrounding the Green date back to the 18th century and several have the typical Kentish construction of timber frames with white weatherboarding. The First World War Poet, Siegfried


Tips to clean Glass and Windows


If you’re Brave enough to wash the outside of your windows, you need a high-powered cleaner. Mix up this solution and use a squeeze for a professional look.


What you need 


½ Gallon or 64 ounces warm water.

4 Tablespoons Rubbing Alcohol.

4 tablespoons Scented Castile soap, such as perriment.


Spray bottle – you can mix this up in a small batch and use it inside as well. Pour 16 ounces of warm water in a spray bottle and add 1 tablespoon of castile soap and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Shake to combine. Spray and wipe or squeeze clean.


To make: add warm water, alcohol, and castile soap to the bucket. Stir to combine.


To use: Use a squeeze with a sponge attachments to scrub bugs and dirt away. Squeeze the solution away and wipe up excess. If windows are high, you can also spray with water to rinse and clean.


To store: this is a one-time-use product; no storage necessary.


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