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Oven Clean – Tenterden, Ashford

Oven Clean – Tenterden, Ashford 

New Customer today in Tenterden

Cleaning Ovens Tenterden and surrounding area’s West Kent, South East Sussex and Ashford.


Top tips

How to make you own hand sanitiser

2 ounces 

Prefer a liquid spray for your hand sanitizing needs? Ditch the mall-brand chemical version and try this, Keep it in your purse spritz. The witch hazel is a natural astringent but the vitamin E will help moisturize.

2 ounces witch hazel 

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

5 Drops tea tree essential oil.

2 Drops lemon essential oil.

To make: dispense ingredients directly into a small container with a spray top and shake to combine.

To Use: squirt on hands, rub thoroughly, and allow to air-dry.

To store: Keep out of the reach of small children, but store where you’ll use it most-purse, nursery, or car. Will keep for 2 months. 

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