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Lockdown has been hard for us all And I hope you and all your family are well. For us it was a complete lock down as we did not want to put staff and customers at any risk. From painting our houses planting strawberries and doing those DIY jobs we had put off, we were very busy.

Since the lockdown has been relaxed we have been very busy cleaning ovens from Rye, Tenterden, Tunbridge wells to Heathfield and everywhere in between. Those ovens have certainly been used and it has been a pleasure to see all our regular customers and meeting new ones.

For me it was a time to reflect and do all those jobs that I wanted to do but haven’t had time one of those is to start a blog on my website, giving updates on what we are up to and helpful tips on keeping your oven clean and well maintained. 

I would like to start with the basics why you should get your oven cleaned with us. Firstly getting your oven cleaned regularly (we recommend yearly) it prevents germs to build up in your oven and infect your meals and ultimately your family. The oven itself if greasy and fat is allowed to build up in your oven can cause heating elements and fans to rust reducing their productivity and often cause them to fail completely. With rusty and grease elements, this is what often causes ovens to smoke which essentially isn’t good for your food or your own health, also you ears with all those fire alarms out there. 

If you are wishing to book please give us call or send an email, these can be found in the contact area. We are also on facebook.

The Oven Fairy, A Lot of Muscle and a little bit of magic

Speak to you soon. 

Kind regards